Forward to the past. Re-engaging Uli in new experiments


Save the date. This exhibition, which is held in London from May 10 to June 25, 2022, highlights the contributions of culture, of the Igbo civilization to the history of the world and of Africa. The exhibition highlights artists engaged in the revival of Igbo culture.Organized by Professor Chuu Krydz Ikwuemesi from Nsukka University. The exhibition is held in London.Uli refers to different interrelated. It is a dye but also a logographic writing sometimes used as body decoration. It is an ancient script, oriented towards aesthetics. Patterns vary from region to region and artists are free to invent new ones. Uli is not a codified sign language like Nsibidi of the Ibidio or the hieroglyphs of ancient Egypt, but it is an ideogram in its own right which tends to capture through its abstract and minimalist tendencies the vision of the world of its exponents, while deconstructing cosmic ideas and issues into abstract symbols and signs that are not alphabets or phonemic words but elegant bearers of aesthetic and cultural values ​​that border on history, philosophy and identity. It can be called an expression of communication.

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